Chevron formation of the zebrafish muscle segments.


The muscle segments of fish have a folded shape, termed a chevron, which is thought to be optimal for the undulating body movements of swimming. However, the mechanism shaping the chevron during embryogenesis is not understood. Here, we used time-lapse microscopy of developing zebrafish embryos spanning the entire somitogenesis period to quantify the… (More)
DOI: 10.1242/jeb.102202


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@article{Rost2014ChevronFO, title={Chevron formation of the zebrafish muscle segments.}, author={Fabian Rost and Christina Eugster and Christian Schroeter and Andrew C Oates and Lutz Brusch}, journal={The Journal of experimental biology}, year={2014}, volume={217 Pt 21}, pages={3870-82} }