[Chest injuries in children. Apropos of 93 cases].


UNLABELLED Ninety-three cases of thoracic trauma (age ranging from 1.1/2 to 15 years) were observed over a 10 year-period (1980-1990): 86 cases of blunt trauma and 7 cases of perforating injuries. Road accidents were the most prevalent (63 cases) followed by home and sport injuries (9), falls (9), perforating trauma (9) and others. Associated lesions were frequent: skeletal (67), abdominal (19), and head injuries (5)--the latter influence the vital prognosis. Rib fractures were observed in 60% of cases of blunt trauma (86). Pulmonary lesions were as follows: pneumothorax (41), hemothorax (21), and lung contusions (29). In 48 cases, several of these pulmonary lesions were associated. Diagnosis and therapy problems were encountered in 21 cases. Results were as follows: 3 deaths, within 24 hours due to hemorrhage (1 case with aortic lesion). FOLLOW-UP 85 good results, 5 sequelae, without any clinical consequence--either pleural (2), diaphragmatic (2), or lung (1). The treatment was as follows: none (27), pleural aspiration (2), thoraco-synthesis by drain in other cases for 2 to 9 days. Surgery was necessary in 10 cases, with 2 thoracotomies, 1 orthopedic traction, 1 embolization of iliac artery.

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