Chern character for twisted K-theory of orbifolds

  title={Chern character for twisted K-theory of orbifolds},
  author={Jean-Louis Tu and Ping Xu},
  journal={Advances in Mathematics},
  • J. Tu, P. Xu
  • Published 12 May 2005
  • Mathematics
  • Advances in Mathematics

Chern-Weil Construction for Twisted K-Theory

We give a finite-dimensional and geometric construction of a Chern character for twisted K-theory, introducing a notion of connection on a twisted vectorial bundle which can be considered as a

Twisted K-theory and cohomology

We explore the relations of twisted K-theory to twisted and untwisted classical cohomology. We construct an Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence, and describe its differentials rationally as Massey

Supersymmetric Field Theories from Twisted Vector Bundles

  • A. Stoffel
  • Mathematics
    Communications in Mathematical Physics
  • 2019
We give a description of the delocalized twisted cohomology of an orbifold and the Chern character of a twisted vector bundle in terms of supersymmetric Euclidean field theories. This includes the

Chern character for twisted complexes

We construct the Chern character from the K-theory of twisted perfect complexes of an algebroid stack to the negative cyclic homology of the algebra of twisted matrices associated to the stack.


In this paper, we define a stringy product on K∗ orb(X) ⊗ C, the orbifold K-theory of any almost complex presentable orbifold X. We establish that under this stringy product, the delocalized Chern

Delocalized Chern character for stringy orbifold K-theory

In this paper, we define a stringy product on K � orb(X) C, the orbifold K-theory of any almost complex presentable orbifold X. We establish that under this stringy product, the delocali zed Chern

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This paper is our first step in establishing a de Rham model for equivariant twisted K-theory using machinery from noncommutative geometry. Let G be a compact Lie group, M a compact manifold on which

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The main goal of the present paper is the construction of twisted generalized differential cohomology theories and the comprehensive statement of its basic functorial properties. Technically it

The character map in (twisted differential) non-abelian cohomology

We extend the Chern character on K-theory, in its generalization to the Chern-Dold character on generalized cohomology theories, further to (twisted, differential) non-abelian cohomology theories,

Twisted K-theory – old and new

Twisted K-theory has its origins in the author's PhD thesis (27) and in a paper with P. Donovan (19). The objective of this paper is to revisit the subject in the light of new developments inspired



Discrete Torsion and Twisted Orbifold Cohomology

In this article, we study the twisting procedure of orbifold cohomology. We introduce local system and construct twisted orbifold cohomology. Then, we generalize Vafa-Witten's notion of discrete

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Abstract: We use equivariant methods to define and study the orbifold K-theory of an orbifold X. Adapting techniques from equivariant K-theory, we construct a Chern character and exhibit a

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Loop Groupoids, Gerbes, and Twisted Sectors on Orbifolds

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the notion of loop groupoid associated to a groupoid. After studying the general properties of the loop groupoid, we show how this notion provides a very


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We extend Connes’s computation of the cyclic cohomology groups of smooth algebras arising from foliations with separated graphs. We find that the characteristic classes of foliations factor through

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Abstract:We derive simple explicit formula for the character of a cycle in the Connes' (b, B)-bicomplex of cyclic cohomology and apply it to write formulas for the equivariant Chern character and

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Using the method of continuous projective resolutions established by Alain Connes, we calculate the continuous Hochschild homology and cohomology groups of the Fréchet algebra of smooth functions on

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Etale groupoids arise naturally as models for leaf spaces of foliations for orbifolds and for orbit spaces of discrete group actions In this paper we introduce a sheaf homology theory for etale