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Chern Fermi-pockets and chiral topological pair density waves in kagome superconductors

  title={Chern Fermi-pockets and chiral topological pair density waves in kagome superconductors},
  author={Sen Zhou and Ziqiang Wang},
The field of transition-metal kagomé lattice materials has leapt forward with the recent discovery of superconductivity in a new family of vanadium-based kagomé metals AV3Sb5 (A = K, Rb, Cs) [4, 5]. In contrast to the insulating kagomé compounds extensively studied for quantum spin liquids and doped Mott insulators [6–8], AV3Sb5 are nonmagnetic correlated metals with itinerant electrons traversing the unique kagomé lattice structure that geometrically frustrates kinetic motion due to quantum… 
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