Chemotherapy treatment patterns and neutropenia management in gastric cancer

  title={Chemotherapy treatment patterns and neutropenia management in gastric cancer},
  author={Ewa Kalinka-Warzocha and Javier Gallego Plazas and Laurent Mineur and Tomas Salek and Alain Hendlisz and L Decosta and Florian D. Vogl and Rodolfo Passalacqua},
  journal={Gastric Cancer},
Potentially myelosuppressive doublet and triplet chemotherapy combination regimens are considered the most active treatments in gastric cancer. This multicenter prospective observational study was designed to gain insight into the chemotherapy regimens being used in Europe and to evaluate neutropenia management in patients identified as at high risk for febrile neutropenia (FN). Eligible patients had gastric cancer, were scheduled for ≥ 3 cycles of myelosuppressive chemotherapy, and had an… CONTINUE READING