Chemotherapeutic efficacy of nanoparticle encapsulated antitubercular drugs.

  title={Chemotherapeutic efficacy of nanoparticle encapsulated antitubercular drugs.},
  author={Rajesh Kumar Pandey and Sadhna Sharma and Gopal Krishan Khuller},
  journal={Drug delivery},
  volume={13 4},
Our objective was to evaluate the chemotherapeutic potential of oral poly lactide-co-glycolide (PLG, a synthetic polymer) nanoparticle encapsulated ethambutol in combination with PLG-nanoparticle encapsulated-(rifampicin + isoniazid + pyrazinamide) in a murine tuberculosis (TB) model. Our formulation was prepared by the multiple emulsion technique and administered orally to mice for the biodistribution, pharmacokinetic, and chemotherapeutic studies. A single oral administration of the… CONTINUE READING