Chemosensory proteins of Locusta migratoria.

  title={Chemosensory proteins of Locusta migratoria.},
  author={L. R. Ban and Andrea Scaloni and Anna Brandazza and Sergio Angeli and L Zhang and Yuan Ji Yan and Paolo Pelosi},
  journal={Insect molecular biology},
  volume={12 2},
Two different classes of chemosensory proteins (CSPs) in Locusta migratoria have been identified on the basis of the molecular cloning of a series of different cDNAs from the antennae of this insect. Several CSP isoforms have been purified and biochemically characterized from antennal and wing extracts, some of them corresponding to expression products predicted for the identified cDNAs. In wings, the nature of the main endogenous ligand binding to these proteins was determined as oleoamide by… CONTINUE READING

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