Chemosensory detection of prey by Nephelopsis obscura (Hirudinoidea: Erpobdellidae)


The chemosensory detection of prey by the freshwater leech Nephelopsis obscura (Erpobdellidae) was investigated in the laboratory. Without direct tactile contact N. obscura of all three size classes tested were unable to detect and react to any of the prey types (Gammarus lacustris, Chironomus sp., Tubifex sp) or prey conditions (live, asphyxiated… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00011969


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@article{Davies2004ChemosensoryDO, title={Chemosensory detection of prey by Nephelopsis obscura (Hirudinoidea: Erpobdellidae)}, author={Ronald W. Davies and Lance Linton and Wendy Joanne Parsons and Eugene S. Edgington}, journal={Hydrobiologia}, year={2004}, volume={97}, pages={157-161} }