Chemosensitizing effect of shRNA-mediated ERCC1 silencing on a Xuanwei lung adenocarcinoma cell line and its clinical significance


Lung cancer is a common fatal malignancy in both men and women. Xuanwei, Yunnan has the highest incidence of lung cancer in China. The area has a specific risk factor in the domestic combustion of bituminous coal, and lung cancer patients from this area tend to be resistant to platinum-based treatments. However, little is known about the mechanism of platinum resistance in patients from Xuanwei. Herein, we used lentiviral infection with shRNA to silence expression of the DNA repair enzyme ERCC1 in XWLC05 both in its RNA and protein expression level, a lung adenoma cell line derived from a patient from Xuanwei. ERCC1 expression in this cell line is high and contributes to its resistance to cisplatin. Suppression of ERCC1 decreased XWLC05 proliferation in vitro (IC50 of cisplatin 1.34 µM for shRNA-infected cells vs. 4.54 µM for control cells) and increased the apoptotic rate after treatment with cisplatin (81.2% shRNA cells vs. 58% control cells, P<0.05). Progression-free survival was longer in ERCC1-negative lung adenoma patients than those with high ERCC1 levels (30 vs. 11 months, P<0.0001). ERCC1 expression was identified as a prognostic marker for overall survival in the patient cohort with operable lesions. Taken together, our data identify ERCC1 as a disease marker in lung adenoma patients from Xuanwei and confirm the significance of resection for the subsequent effect of platinum treatment in these patients. Additional studies are needed to determine the mechanism of ERCC1-induced platinum resistance in lung adenoma patients from Xuanwei.

DOI: 10.3892/or.2017.5443

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