Chemokine and chemokine receptor mRNA expression in human platelets.

  title={Chemokine and chemokine receptor mRNA expression in human platelets.},
  author={C A Power and Jeannine M Clemetson and Kenneth J. Clemetson and Timothy N. C. Wells},
  volume={7 6},
In order to study the role of platelets in inflammation we constructed a cDNA library from human platelet mRNA. By polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis of the library we have shown that platelets express mRNAs for the following chemokines: connective tissue activating peptide-III (CTAP-III), epithelial-derived neutrophil activating factor-78 (ENA-78), RANTES and monocyte chemotactic protein-3 (MCP-3). Platelets also express mRNAs for interleukin 8 receptor A (IL-8RA) and a novel chemokine… CONTINUE READING


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