Chemo- and ergoreflexes in health, disease and ageing.

  title={Chemo- and ergoreflexes in health, disease and ageing.},
  author={Hendrik B Schmidt and Darrel P. Francis and Mathias Rauchhaus and Karl Werdan and Massimo Francesco Piepoli},
  journal={International journal of cardiology},
  volume={98 3},
The chemo- and ergoreflexes (muscle receptors) are among the major reflex arches, which adapt the respiratory and the cardiovascular system to the needs of the body and contribute to its homeostasis. The present paper reviews the interplay of these reflexes with other major cardiovascular reflex arches; the methods used for their calculation and their normal range data. The clinical implications of chemoreflex sensitivities and ergoreflexes in chronic heart failure (CHF) as well as the… CONTINUE READING


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