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Chemistry of myelin development.

  title={Chemistry of myelin development.},
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Predominant role of obesity/insulin resistance in oxidative stress development
Eur J Clin Invest 2012; 42 (1): 70–78
Die Markscheidenentwicklung und die Rosenthalschen Fasern
Die Rosenthalschen Fasern (1~. F.) wurden von ihrem Entdecker 1898 zuerst bei einer Syringomyelie beschrieben. Diese Krankhei t entsteht dutch eine Entwicklungsst6rung im Bereich der hinterenExpand
The white matter in $${\text{G}}_{{\text{M}}_{\text{2}} } $$ gangliosidosis
It is proposed that arrested myelinogenesis played a chief role in the pathomechanism of white matter involvement and secondary myelin degeneration was a contributory factor in the failure in myelin development in the „vulnerable” period of brain development. Expand
Heterogeneous distribution of polysialylated neuronal-cell adhesion molecule during post-natal development and in the adult: An immunohistochemical study in the rat brain
In 2-month-old rats, immunolabeling with the monoclonal antibody was still present in discrete brain areas, including the substantia nigra, suggesting that the presence of highly sialylated neuronal-cell adhesion molecule outlasts post-natal development in those brain regions. Expand
Magnetic Resonance of Myelin, Myelination, and Myelin Disorders
This edition has been revised to include new data on genetics, molecular biology, and the role of cellular structures on one side and the growing experience with MR patterns of less common myelinExpand
White Matter and Myelin
Myelin makes up most of the substance of white matter in the central nervous system (CNS). It is also present in large quantities in the peripheral nervous system (PNS). In both the CNS and the PNS,Expand
Ontogeny of behavioral arousal in the mouse: Effect of prior testing upon age of peak activity
Postnatal locomotor activity was measured in mice as a function of age and repeated test sessions in order to determine whether prior testing would affect the age at which peak activity occurred.Expand
Development of behavioral arousal and inhibition in the Swiss-Webster mouse
The development of behavioral arousal was examined in mice ranging from 9 to 100 days of age. An inverted U-shaped ontogenetic activity curve was obtained, consistent with past studies of otherExpand
Effect of Lead Intoxication on the Postnatal Growth of the Rat Nervous System*
The hypomyelination appears to be primarily related to retarded growth and maturation of the neuron and is not a reflection of a defect in the myelinating glia or a delay in the initiation of myelination. Expand