Chemistry of Pyrotechnics

  title={Chemistry of Pyrotechnics},
  author={John A. Conkling and Christopher J. Mocella},
Introduction Basic Chemical Principles Components of High-Energy Mixtures Pyrotechnic Principles Ignition and Propagation Sensitivity Heat Compositions: Ignition Mixes, Delays, Thermites, and Propellants Color and Light Production Smoke and Sound Appendix A Appendix B Index 
Pyrotechnic Ignition and Propagation: A Review
The ideal pyrotechnic is completely stable in storage and handling, yet performs its mission completely, with absolute reliability, upon demand. Many accidents in pyrotechnics are the result ofExpand
Observations on the Reactivity of Pyrotechnic Compositions containing potassium chlorate and thiourea
An explosion occurred recently during the operation of a grinder that had been used to process potassium chlorate and then thiourea. As part of our investigation of this accident we determined theExpand
Parameters Influencing the Pyrotechnic Reaction
Phenomena (reaction effects) such as varied light emissions, sound, varied burning rates, varied heats of reaction and reaction products occur during the reaction of inorganic redox systems used forExpand
"Green" pyrotechnics: a chemists' challenge.
This Review summarizes the sources of pollution in current formulations and recent efforts toward "green" pyrotechnics. Expand
Scientific study of the pyrotechnic compositions burning process in the laboratory tests
The article discusses the operation of pyrotechnic compositions in electric and nonelectric detonators. Laboratory methods for testing pyrotechnic compositions used to assess their flammabilityExpand
Investigations of environmentally benign pyrotechnic formulations based on nitrogen-rich and energetic boron-based compounds
Novel non-toxic and environmentally friendly pyrotechnic formulations have been developed and investigated. A series of nitrogen-rich metal salts and energetic boron-based compounds have beenExpand
Study of Confined Pyrotechnic Compositions for Medium/Large Calibre Gun Igniter Applications
With the continued shift towards more insensitive munitions and the subsequent development of low vulnerability propellants, the study of novel gun igniters is playing a significant role in theExpand
Thermal Decomposition, Ignition and Kinetic Evaluation of Magnesium and Aluminium Fuelled Pyrotechnic Compositions
This paper describes the thermal, kinetic and ignition behaviour of three pyrotechnic mixtures comprising Al + Ba(NO3)2, Mg + NH4ClO4, and Mg + KMnO4. Aluminium (Al) and magnesium (Mg) are metalExpand
An investigation of the performance of a boron/potassium-nitrate based pyrotechnic igniter
The performance of a boron/potassium-nitrate based pyrotechnic igniter, used as an initiator in airbag gas generators, was investigated at different initial temperatures. Igniter firings wereExpand
Low-perchlorate blue-flame pyrotechnic compositions
Abstract An ammonium perchlorate (AP) and copper(II) benzoate pyrotechnic blue-flame composition was gradually “diluted” by adding an experimental perchlorate-free blue-flame composition based onExpand