Chemistry and technology of green gram (Vigna radiata [L.] Wilczek).

  title={Chemistry and technology of green gram (Vigna radiata [L.] Wilczek).},
  author={R. N. Adsule and Shivajirao S. Kadam and D. K. Salunkhe},
  journal={Critical reviews in food science and nutrition},
  volume={25 1},
Green gram or mung bean (Vigna radiata [L.] Wilczek) is an important food legume grown under tropical and subtropical conditions. It is an excellent source of protein and is almost free from flatulence-causing factors. Because of this, green gram seeds are preferred for feeding babies and those convalescing. The seeds contain a higher proportion of lysine than any other legume seeds. The seeds are processed and consumed as cooked whole beans or splits (dhals), sprouts, immature seeds, and flour… CONTINUE READING