Chemiluminescence in semen of infertile men.

  title={Chemiluminescence in semen of infertile men.},
  author={Falk R{\"u}diger Ochsendorf and Juergen Thiele and J{\"u}rgen Fuchs and H Sch{\"u}ttau and Hans Joachim Freisleben and Michael Buslau and Rainer Milbradt},
  volume={26 5},
Luminol-dependent chemiluminescence (CL) can be used to determine the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by cells. Enhanced formation of ROS in human semen was reported to be of pathological significance for a disturbed sperm function. To investigate incidence of elevated CL-signals in semen samples and their correlation to conventional semen parameters, CL-signals in the semen of both 49 consecutive infertile men and 20 controls were measured. Semen was analysed according to WHO… CONTINUE READING

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