Chemiluminescence detection of 8a-hydroperoxy-tocopherone in photooxidized α-tocopherol

  title={Chemiluminescence detection of 8a-hydroperoxy-tocopherone in photooxidized α-tocopherol},
  author={Teruo Miyazawa and Toyonobu Yamashita and Kenshiro Fujimoto},
Photosensitized oxidation products of α-tocopherol were analyzed by reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatography (CL-HPLC) in combination with chemiluminescence detection, to measure hydroperoxide derivatives. An intense peak was observed on the chemiluminescence chromatogram, corresponding to 8a-hydroperoxy-α-tocopherone (α-tocopherol hydroperoxide), the identity of which was confirmed by1H nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry. Observed peak intensities correlated with the… CONTINUE READING