Chemico-Viscous Remanent Magnetization in the Fe3O4-yFe2O3 System.

  title={Chemico-Viscous Remanent Magnetization in the Fe3O4-yFe2O3 System.},
  author={Ozlem Kumbasar Ozdemir and David J. Dunlop},
  volume={243 4894},
The chemical remanent magnetization (CRM) acquired when single-domain size magnetite (Fe(3)0(4)) oxidizes to maghemite (gammaFe(2)O(3)) in a 50-microtesla field at a series of 13 temperatures from 1000 to 6560C is of similar intensity to viscous remanent magnetization (VRM) acquired under the same field and temperature conditions by unoxidized magnetite. The remanences of the oxidized and unoxidized phases also have similar resistances to demagnetization. These similarities imply that the… CONTINUE READING


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