Chemically etched ultrahigh-Q wedge-resonator on a silicon chip

  title={Chemically etched ultrahigh-Q wedge-resonator on a silicon chip},
  author={Hansuek Lee and Tong Chen and Jiang Li and Ki Youl Yang and Seokmin Jeon and Oskar J. Painter and Kerry J Vahala},
Ultrahigh-Q optical resonators are being studied across a wide range of fields, including quantum information, nonlinear optics, cavity optomechanics and telecommunications1–7. Here, we demonstrate a new resonator with a record Q-factor of 875 million for on-chip devices. The fabrication of our device avoids the requirement for a specialized processing step, which in microtoroid resonators8 has made it difficult to control their size and achieve millimetreand centimetre-scale diameters… CONTINUE READING
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