Chemical vaginitis: implications and management.

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Successful spontaneous pregnancy in a nullipara with acquired gynaetresia: A case report
Background: Gynaetresia is the narrowing or complete occlusion of the vagina which may be congenital or acquired. Acquired gynaetresia is commoner in Nigeria due to female genital mutilation and
Successful Pregnancy Following Acquired Gynatresia
This case is peculiar as spontaneous conception occurred with a pinhole opening as a result of spontaneous vaginal delivery complicated by gynatresia that failed due to erectile dysfunction in the spouse.
Postpartum Vaginal Stenosis Due to Chemical Vaginitis.
A 21-year-old gravida 1 para 1, presented with secondary amenorrhea and inability to have sexual intercourse, after normal spontaneous vaginal delivery complicated by post partum bleeding, where a wash cloth soaked with caustic soda was left in situ for 10 days, which ultimately led to the severe scarring and stenosis of the vagina.


Nightmare from the Sixties
Even after 30 years, it remains difficult for me to tell this story. And if doctors can learn from it, then I suppose the story is worth the telling. I was at the time a college student in Boston. It
Three decades of acquired gynaetresia in Ibadan: clinical presentation and management.
It was concluded that acquired gynaetresia is preventable and efforts should be made by authorities to address this issue and create designated centres in the country for the management of these cases and training of junior gynaecologists.