Chemical study on the separation and purification of promethium-147

  title={Chemical study on the separation and purification of promethium-147},
  author={Chung-Sin Lee and Yun-Ming Wang and Wu-Long Cheng and G. Ting},
  journal={Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry},
A chemical process for the separation of147Nd/147Pm from fission products of synthetic radioactive waste solution has been developed. The process includes: (1) denitration, (2) removal of high concentration of uranium by 30% TBP/kerosene extraction, (3) removal of95Nb,103Ru,137Cs and part of90Sr by 50% TBP/dodecane extraction, (4) separation of147Nd/147Pm from part of90Sr and95Zr by oxalic acid precipitation, and (5) removal of144Ce by mixture of 0.4M D2EHPA and 0.2M TBP extraction… Expand
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