Chemical studies of L-chondrites—I. A study of possible chemical sub-groups

  title={Chemical studies of L-chondrites—I. A study of possible chemical sub-groups},
  author={Charles W. Neal and Robert Thomas Joseph Dodd and Eugene Jarosewich and Michael E. Lipschutz},
Abstract Radiochemical neutron activation analysis of Ag, As, Au, Bi, Co, Cs, Ga, In, Rb, Sb, Te, Tl and Zn and major element data in 14 L4-6 and 3 LL5 chondrites indicates that the L-group is unusually variable and may represent at least 2 sub-groups differing in formation history. Chemical trends in the S/Fe-rich sub-group support textural evidence indicating late loss of a shock-formed Fe-Ni-S melt; the S/Fe-poor sub-group seemingly reflects nebular fractionation only. Highly mobile In and… CONTINUE READING


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