Chemical specificity of nucleic acids and mechanism of their enzymatic degradation

  title={Chemical specificity of nucleic acids and mechanism of their enzymatic degradation},
  author={Erwin Chargaff},
[Strong strand specific composition bias-a genomic character of some obligate parasites or symbionts].
  • F. Guo
  • Biology
    Yi chuan = Hereditas
  • 2011
This paper reviews the related works and points out the open problems in strand specific composition bias, which was originally found in genomes of echinoderm and vertebrate mitochondria and then in several bacterial genomes.
Uma nova visão da tripla hélice do DNA: parâmetros estruturais, espectroscópicos e eletrônicos de ligações de hidrogênio para os emparelhamentos de Watson-Crick e Hoogsteen
Through the B3LYP/6-31+G(d,p) calculations, the intermolecular structures of double and triple DNA helix formed by Thymine (T) Adenine (A) were fully optimized. Based on analysis of structural
Visible Evolution from Primitive Organisms to Homo sapiens
Using these indexes, the following results were obtained: primitive life forms appeared to have similar amino acid compositions to present day organisms, and evolution based on nucleotide content alterations can be expressed by definitive equations.
Dissolution of hypotheses in biochemistry: three case studies
  • M. Fry
  • Biology
    History and philosophy of the life sciences
  • 2016
Analysis of patterns of dissolution of three erroneous hypotheses indicates that amassed contradictory empirical findings did not prompt critical experimental testing of the prevailing theories nor did they elicit alternative hypotheses.
Normalization of Complete Genome Characteristics: Application to Evolution from Primitive Organisms to Homo sapiens
The discovery that genome structure was homogeneous was obtained only after normalization methods were applied to the nucleotide or predicted amino acid contents of genome sequences, and normalization procedures are also applicable to evolutionary research.
(Ré)annotation de génomes procaryotes complets - Exploration de groupes de gènes chez les bactéries
La strategie experte semi-automatique de prediction de Sequences CoDantes (CDS) d'un chromosome procaryote est fondee sur le modele statistique des chaines de Markov. Elle est constituee des
Likelihood-based methods for analysis of copy number variation using next generation sequencing data.
LIKELIHOOD-BASED METHODS FOR ANALYSIS OF COPY NUMBER VARIATION USING NEXT GENERATION SEQUENCING DATA Udika Iroshini Bandara July 21, 2017 A Copy Number Variation (CNV) detection problem is considered
The statistical fate of genomic DNA: modelling match statistics in different evolutionary scenarios
This thesis develops mathematical frameworks taking into account complex mechanisms and that reproduce the observed deviations of maximal exact matches within and between eukaryotic genomes and implemented in silico sequence evolution models that reproduce these behaviors.
Analyses génomiques de données sur le vieillissement cutané. (Genomics analyses of data on skin ageing)
La recherche de voies de signalisation biologiques associees a differents indicateurs du vieillissement cutane a souligne le role of the melanogenese and des mecanismes de reparation de l’ADN.