Chemical reactivity of some isothiazolone biocides.

  title={Chemical reactivity of some isothiazolone biocides.},
  author={Phillip J. Collier and Alison Ramsey and Roger D. Waigh and Kenneth T. Douglas and Pamela Austin and Peter Gilbert},
  journal={The Journal of applied bacteriology},
  volume={69 4},
Chemical reactions between the isothiazolone biocides, N-methylisothiazol-3-one (MIT), benzisothiazol-3-one (BIT) and 5-chloro-N-methylisothiazol-3-one (CMIT) with cysteine have been investigated by u.v. and NMR spectroscopy. At physiological pH all three agents interacted oxidatively with thiols to form disulphides. Further interaction with thiols caused the release of cystine and formation of a reduced, ring-opened form of the biocide (mercaptoacrylamide). In an analogous fashion to the… CONTINUE READING