Chemical pneumonitis from aspiration of rash protector spray.

  title={Chemical pneumonitis from aspiration of rash protector spray.},
  author={Tiong The and Pratik Parikh and Siva Jonna},
  journal={Journal of pediatric intensive care},
  volume={1 3},
Within hours of accidental instillation of a popular diaper rash protector spray, a 23 day old male developed severe chemical pneumonitis, acute respiratory failure and pneumomediastinum. Despite optimal ventilatory management, the unconventional use of frequent bronchial saline lavages was necessary to maintain oxygenation and ventilation. The only listed active ingredient, 10% dimethicone was a non-toxic inhalant, but the undisclosed inactive ingredients included mineral oil and balsam of… Expand
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Chemical pneumonitis from aspiration of rash protector spray.
  • V. Ramsey
  • Business, Medicine
  • Journal of pediatric intensive care
  • 2012
The owner and marketer of Boudreaux’s Rash ProtectorTM Spray and in response to the conclusion that manufacturers of OTC drug products should be required to list all ingredients, both active and inactive, C.B. Fleet would like to clarify that this requirement already exists and has existed for more than a decade. Expand
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