Chemical models for the chemical nature of endogenous digitalis.

  title={Chemical models for the chemical nature of endogenous digitalis.},
  author={Kurt R. H. Repke and J{\"u}rgen Weiland and K. H. Menke},
  journal={Journal of enzyme inhibition},
  volume={5 1},
The inability or the capacity to promote the phosphorylation of Na+/K(+)-transporting ATPase (Na/K-ATPase) from [32P]Pi is shown to differentiate between mechanistically digitalis-unlike and digitalis-like inhibitors of this enzyme known to be the receptor for all digitalis actions. A negative or positive response in the phosphorylation promotion assay introduced here appears thus to be suitable to diagnose the chemical species in the isolates of animal origin related to the putative endogenous… CONTINUE READING