Chemical-microbiological Semisynthesis of Enantio-ambrox ® Derivatives

  title={Chemical-microbiological Semisynthesis of Enantio-ambrox ® Derivatives},
  author={Garcia-Crranados and Antonio Mart{\'i}nez and Raquei Quir},
enantio-3-Hydroxyambrox derivatives were obtained through combined chemical and microbiological methods from ent-12-o×o-13-epi-manoyl oxides. Regioselcctive and stereoselcctive reduction ofthe ¢~bonyl group at C-3 of ent-3,12-dioxo-13-epi-manoyl oxide was card ed out with Baker "s yeast. Regioselcctive acetyl ation of ent-3,12-dihydxoxy-13-epi-manoyl oxide was accomplished with Candida cylindracea lipase or Novozym 435 and vinyl acetate. Microbial bioa'ansfonnation of ent-3[~-acetoxy-12-oxo-13… CONTINUE READING