Chemical investigation of hassium (element 108)

  title={Chemical investigation of hassium (element 108)},
  author={Ch. E. D{\"u}llmann and W. Br{\"u}chle and R. Dressler and K. Eberhardt and B. Eichler and R. Eichler and H. G{\"a}ggeler and T. Ginter and F. Glaus and K. Gregorich and D. Hoffman and E. J{\"a}ger and D. Jost and U. Kirbach and D. Lee and H. Nitsche and J. Patin and V. Pershina and D. Piguet and Z. Qin and M. Schaedel and B. Schausten and E. Schimpf and H. Sch{\"o}tt and S. Soverna and R. Sudowe and P. Thoerle and S. Timokhin and N. Trautmann and A. T{\"u}rler and A. Vahle and G. Wirth and A. Yakushev and P. Zieliński},
  • Ch. E. Düllmann, W. Brüchle, +31 authors P. Zieliński
  • Published 2002
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Nature
  • The periodic table provides a classification of the chemical properties of the elements. But for the heaviest elements, the transactinides, this role of the periodic table reaches its limits because increasingly strong relativistic effects on the valence electron shells can induce deviations from known trends in chemical properties. In the case of the first two transactinides, elements 104 and 105, relativistic effects do indeed influence their chemical properties, whereas elements 106 and 107… CONTINUE READING
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