Chemical exposure during pregnancy and oral clefts in newborns.

  title={Chemical exposure during pregnancy and oral clefts in newborns.},
  author={Isabel Cristina Gonçalves Leite and Francisco Jos{\'e} Roma Paumgartten and S{\'e}rgio Koifman},
  journal={Cadernos de saude publica},
  volume={18 1},
This article presents a literature review on the risk factors for oral clefts (lip and/or palate), emphasizing discussion of maternal exposure to endocrine disruptors. Several studies have identified the risk of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption, use of anticonvulsant drugs, and exposure to organic solvents. A protective effect has been shown for supplementation with folic acid. As with other chemicals, the risk associated with exposure to sex hormones is still obscure, although some… CONTINUE READING