Chemical evolution of ytterbium in the Galactic disc

  title={Chemical evolution of ytterbium in the Galactic disc},
  author={M. Montelius and Rebecca Forsberg and Nils Ryde and Henrik Jőnsson and Melike Afcsar and A. Johanssen and Kyle F. Kaplan and H. Kim and Gregory N. Mace and Christopher Sneden and Brian Thorsbro},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. Measuring the abundances of neutron-capture elements in Galactic disk stars is an important part of understanding key stellar and galactic processes. In the optical wavelength regime a number of di ff erent neutron-capture elements have been measured; however, only the s-process-dominated element cerium has been accurately measured for a large sample of disk stars from the infrared H band. The more r-process dominated element ytterbium has only been measured in a small subset of stars… 

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