Chemical determination of human body density in vivo: relevance to hydrodensitometry.

  title={Chemical determination of human body density in vivo: relevance to hydrodensitometry.},
  author={Steven B. Heymsfield and Jack Wang and Joseph J. Kehayias and Stanley Heshka and Stuart Lichtman and Richard N Pierson},
  journal={The American journal of clinical nutrition},
  volume={50 6},
A chemical approach to establishing human body density in vivo was developed by combining recently developed noninvasive methods. Four compartments were measured: protein (P; prompt-gamma neutron activation), water (A; 3H2O dilution), mineral (M; dual-photon absorptiometry and delayed-gamma neutron activation), and fat (F; dual-photon absorptiometry). By this model body weight is equal to P + A + M + F. This approach was applied to 13 healthy adults (8 females and 5 males). The four… CONTINUE READING

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