Chemical constituents in the leaves of Vateria indica.

  title={Chemical constituents in the leaves of Vateria indica.},
  author={Tetsuro Ito and Yuichi Masuda and Naohito Abe and Masayoshi Oyama and Ryuichi Sawa and Yoshikazu Takahashi and Veliah Chelladurai and Munekazu Iinuma},
  journal={Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={58 10},
Comprehensive re-investigation of the chemical constituents in the leaves of Vateria indica (Dipterocarpaceae) resulted in the isolation of a novel resveratrol dimeric dimer having a C(2)-symmetric structure, vateriaphenol F (1), and two new O-glucosides of resveratrol oligomers, vateriosides A (2) (resveratrol dimer) and B (4) (resveratrol tetramer), along with a new natural compound (3) and 33 known compounds including 26 resveratrol derivatives. The absolute structures were elucidated by… CONTINUE READING