Chemical constituents from Lippia sidoides and cytotoxic activity.

  title={Chemical constituents from Lippia sidoides and cytotoxic activity.},
  author={S. M. Costa and T. L. Lemos and O. Pessoa and C. Pessoa and R. Montenegro and R. Braz-Filho},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={64 6},
Eleven known compounds and a new prenylated naphthoquinone, lippsidoquinone (13), were isolated from ethanol extracts of Lippia sidoides. Their structures were established by a combination of 1D and 2D NMR, IR, and EIMS spectral data analysis. The cytotoxic properties of compounds 3--13 were evaluated against HL60, SW1573, and CEM cell lines. Only tectol (6) and lippsidoquinone (13) exhibited significant activity against human leukemia cell lines HL60 and CEM. 
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