[Chemical constituents from Exochorda racemosa].


OBJECTIVE To study the chemical constituents of Exochorda racemosa. METHOD Compounds were isolated and purified by silica gel, Sephadex LH-20, MCI gel and RP-18 column chromatography, and their structures were determined by spectroscopic analysis. RESULT Twenty compounds were isolated and identified as N-p-coumaroyl-N'-caffeoylputrescine (1), sutherlandin trans-p-coumarate (2), apigenin 7-O-methylglucuronide (3), astragalin (4), nicotiflorin (5), kaempferol 3-neohesperidoside (6), rutin (7), apigenin (8), luteolin (9), linalool-1-oic acid (10), betulalbuside A (11), ursolic acid (12) , corosolic acid (13), gynuramide II (14), beta-sitosterol (15), daucosterol (16), uridine (17), adenosine (18), syringin (19), and trans4-hydroxycinnamic acid (20), respectively. CONCLUSION All compounds were obtained from this plant for the first time, moreover, 1 was reported as a new natural product, and 2 is a naturally rare cyanogenic glycoside.


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