Chemical characterization of element 112

  title={Chemical characterization of element 112},
  author={R. Eichler and N. V. Aksenov and A. Belozerov and G. Bozhikov and V. Chepigin and S. Dmitriev and R. Dressler and H. G{\"a}ggeler and V. Gorshkov and F. H{\"a}nssler and M. Itkis and A. Laube and V. Y. Lebedev and O. Malyshev and Y. Oganessian and O. Petrushkin and D. Piguet and P. Rasmussen and S. Shishkin and A. Shutov and A. Svirikhin and E. Tereshatov and G. K. Vostokin and M. Węgrzecki and A. Yeremin},
  • R. Eichler, N. V. Aksenov, +22 authors A. Yeremin
  • Published 2007
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Nature
  • The heaviest elements to have been chemically characterized are seaborgium (element 106), bohrium (element 107) and hassium (element 108). All three behave according to their respective positions in groups 6, 7 and 8 of the periodic table, which arranges elements according to their outermost electrons and hence their chemical properties. However, the chemical characterization results are not trivial: relativistic effects on the electronic structure of the heaviest elements can strongly… CONTINUE READING
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