Chemical characteristics of Malian and Belgian solid waste composts.

  title={Chemical characteristics of Malian and Belgian solid waste composts.},
  author={Masserigne Soumar{\'e} and Albert Demeyer and F. M. G. Tack and Marc G. Verloo},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={81 2},
Two composts, a Malian (C1) and a Belgian (C2), and a peat substrate (C3) were analyzed for their suitability for land application. The results revealed that the materials can be used in agriculture but only the composts can supply all macro-nutrients necessary for plant growth. The fractionation of Mn, Fe, Zn and Cu in operationally defined fractions (water soluble, exchangeable, complexed, organically bound and residual) allows estimation of the availability of metals for uptake. For example… CONTINUE READING

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