Chemical anoxia delays germ cell apoptosis in the human testis.

  title={Chemical anoxia delays germ cell apoptosis in the human testis.},
  author={Krista Erkkil{\"a} and Laura Suomalainen and M{\aa}rten Wikstr{\"o}m and Martti Parvinen and Leo Dunkel},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={69 2},
An understanding of testicular physiology and pathology requires knowledge of the regulation of cell death. Previous observation of suppression of apoptosis by hypoxia suggested a role for ATP in germ cell death. However, the exact effects of ATP production on germ cell death and of apoptosis on the levels of ATP and other adenine nucleotides (ANs) have remained unclear. We investigated the levels of ANs during human testicular apoptosis (analyzed by HPLC) and the role of chemical anoxia in… CONTINUE READING

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