Chemical and cytological changes during the autolysis of yeasts

  title={Chemical and cytological changes during the autolysis of yeasts},
  author={Tatang Hernawan and Graham H. Fleet},
  journal={Journal of Industrial Microbiology},
Cell suspensions ofSacharomyces cerevisiae, Kloeckera apiculata andCandida stellata were autolyzed in phosphate buffer, pH 4.5, for up to 10 days. Cell dry weights decreased by 25–35% after 10 days. Based on initial cell dry weight, the soluble autolysate consisted of: carbohydrate (principally polysaccharide) 3–7%; organic acids 3–6%; protein 12–13%; free amino acids 8–12%; nucleic acid products 3–5%; and lipids 1–12%. The main organic acids in autolysates were propionic, succinic and acetic… CONTINUE READING