Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair

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Strength and Deformation Behavior of Fine-Grained Soils Reinforced with Hair Fibers and Its Application in Pavement Design

ABSTRACT Although waste hair fibers are consumed in agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, etc., their use in civil engineering is very limited. Because of fibrous nature, it can be used as

Recent Advancements in Natural Plant Colorants Used for Hair Dye Applications: A Review

There is an on-going demand in recent years for safer and “greener” hair coloring agents with the global consumer awareness of the adverse effects of synthetic hair dyes. The belief in sustainability

Efficacy of Kasisadi collyrium in Pakshmashaata w.s.r to Madarosis - a case report -

With this, Pushpakasisadi anjana acts effectively in the Pakshmashata as a contribution from Ayurveda in field of ophthalmology.