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Chemical analysis of the essential oils from Punica granatum , Vitis vinifera and Cucurbita maxima seeds growing in Lebanon by GC/MS

  title={Chemical analysis of the essential oils from Punica granatum , Vitis vinifera and Cucurbita maxima seeds growing in Lebanon by GC/MS},
  author={Youssef Bakkour and Salim Makhoul and Hanna El-Nakat and Fawaz El Omar},
Eight major chemicals are identified after analyzin g the essential oil of the seeds of three medicinal plants Punica granatum, Vitis vinifera and Cucurbita maxima , using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). Only three of the identified chemicals (Farnesene, Docosane and Tetracosane) were found in all three samples, but in varying proportions. Trans-Squalene was found in Cucurbita maxima and Punica granatum only. The remaining four compounds (Octanoate ethyl ester, Doconoate ethyl… Expand
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Supercritical fluid extraction of grape seed
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