Chemical activation of thin-fiber phrenic afferents. 2. Cardiovascular responses.

  title={Chemical activation of thin-fiber phrenic afferents. 2. Cardiovascular responses.},
  author={Sabah N. A. Hussain and A C Chatillon and Alain Steve Comtois and Ch. Roussos and Sheldon A. Magder},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={70 1},
To assess the effects of groups III and IV (thin-fiber) phrenic afferents on arterial pressure, heart rate, and distribution of cardiac output, we injected capsaicin into phrenic arteries of in situ isolated and innervated left diaphragms of dogs anesthetized with chloralose, vagotomized, and mechanically ventilated. Blood flow in the ascending aorta, common carotid, renal, superior mesenteric, and femoral arteries was measured by electromagnetic and Doppler flow probes. Injection of 1 mg… CONTINUE READING
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