Chemical Properties of Astatine. I

  title={Chemical Properties of Astatine. I},
  author={G. L. Johnson and R. F. Leininger and E. Segr{\`e}},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Physics},
This work is a report on studies of the chemistry of astatine on a tracer scale, using the various methods of tracer chemistry. A general discussion of preparation of materials and analytical methods is included. The properties of astatine and its solutions as they appear in work on a tracer scale are discussed. Migration experiments show that astatine when ionized in aqueous solution is negatively charged. Electro chemical, solvent extraction, and carrying studies are presented. In general, (a… 

Zur Extraktion definierter Astatformen

During solvent extraction of (is well as of astatine compounds with higher oxidation states like the astatine species are changed into astatine of the oxidation state zero at the phase boundary

Zur anorganischen Chemie des monovalenten Astats

There is given a review on the level of astatine chemistry in oxydation state +1. According to the position of astatine in the periodic system At(I) has “metallic” properties. They may be seen in the

Pourbaix Diagram of Astatine Revisited: Experimental Investigations.

The Pourbaix diagram of an element displays its stable chemical forms with respect to the redox potential and pH of the solution, whose knowledge is fundamental for understanding and anticipating the

Speciation of astatine reacted with oxidizing and reducing reagents by thin layer chromatography: formation of volatile astatine

Radio-chromatography was conducted by using the astatine radionuclides 209,210,211At produced in the 7Li induced reaction of 209Bi. The speciation of dissolved astatine chemical species of astatide

Thin layer chromatography for astatine and iodine in solutions prepared by dry distillation

The astatine radionuclides 208,209,210,211At and the iodine radionuclides 120,121,123I were simultaneously produced by 7Li beam irradiation of a stack of lead and tin targets. The astatine and the

Synthesis of [211At]4-astato-L-phenylalanine by dihydroxyboryl-astatine substitution reaction in aqueous solution

A novel method wherein astatination was realized via the substitution of 211At for a dihydroxyboryl group coupled to phenylalanine, which did not require any organic solvents or toxic reagents and is suitable for clinical applications.



Astatine: The Element of Atomic Number 85

IN 1940, we prepared the isotope of mass 211 of element 85 by bombarding bismuth with alpha particles accelerated in the 60-in. cyclotron of the Radiation Laboratory of the University of California1.

The (4n+1) Radioactive Series

The disintegration products of U(^233) have been investigated and the main route of the 4n+l series outlined as follows: (Formula diagram)

Das Element 85 in den natürlichen Zerfallsreihen

ZusammenfassungAusgehend von den kurzlebigen Folgeprodukten der Radiumemanation konnte eine neue α-Aktivität nachgewiesen werden und aus ihrem zeitlichen Verlauf sowie ihrer Energie wurde