Chemical Groups and Structural Characterization of Lignin via Thiol-Mediated Demethylation

  title={Chemical Groups and Structural Characterization of Lignin via Thiol-Mediated Demethylation},
  author={Hu Lihong and H. Pan and Yonghong Zhou and Chung-yun Hse and C Liu and Baofang Zhang and Xu Bin},
A new approach to increase the reactivity of lignin by thiol-mediated demethylation was investigated in this study. Demethylated lignin was characterized by the changes in its hydroxyl and methoxyl groups, molecular weight, and other properties using titration and spectroscopy methods including FT-IR, 1H NMR, UV, and GPC. The total, phenolic, and aliphatic hydroxyl contents in lignin increased while the methoxyl content decreased after demethylation reaction, which indicated the occurrence of… CONTINUE READING


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