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Chemical Constituents from the Twigs of Garuga forrestii

  title={Chemical Constituents from the Twigs of Garuga forrestii},
  author={Yin Shuai-wen},
Ten compounds were isolated from the 95% ethanol extract of the twigs of Garuga forrestii. On the basis of the spectral data, they were characterized to be 13α,14β,17α-lanosta-7,24-diene-1β,3β-diol (1), stigmasta-5-ene-3β,7α-diol (2), stigmasta-5-ene-3β,7β-diol (3), stigamastane-3β,6α-diol (4),β-sitosterol (5), catechin (6), (Z)-ferulic acid tetracosyl ester (7), (E)-ferulic acid tetracosyl ester (8), 4-hydroxybenzoic-3-methoxy acid (9), and 4-methoxyindane (10). All compounds were isolated… 

Estimating the Potential Impacts of Climate Change on the Spatial Distribution of Garuga forrestii, an Endemic Species in China

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New bisbibenzyl and phenanthrene derivatives from Dendrobium scabrilingue and their α-glucosidase inhibitory activity

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