Chemical Composition of Rocks and Soils at the Pathfinder Site

  title={Chemical Composition of Rocks and Soils at the Pathfinder Site},
  author={Heinrich Waenke and J. Br{\"u}ckner and Gerlind Dreibus and Rudi Rieder and Igor Ryabchikov},
  journal={Space Science Reviews},
As Viking Landers did not measure rock compositions, Pathfinder (PF) data are the first in this respect. This review gives no proof yet whether the PF rocks are igneous or sedimentary, but for petrogenetic reasons they could be igneous. We suggest a model in which Mars is covered by about 50% basaltic and 50% andesitic igneous rocks. The soils are a mixture of the two with addition of Mg-sulfate and -chloride plus iron compounds possibly derived from the hematite deposits. 


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