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Chemical Composition and Physicochemical Properties Of Cashew nut ( Anacardium occidentale ) Oil and Cashew nut Shell Liquid

  title={Chemical Composition and Physicochemical Properties Of Cashew nut ( Anacardium occidentale ) Oil and Cashew nut Shell Liquid},
  author={Temilade Fola Akinhanmi and Violette Nkechi Atasie},
Proximate composition and mineral concentration of Cashew nut (Anarcadium occidentale) were investigated using standard analytical methods. The physicochemical characteristics of cashew nut shell liquid were also determined. The proximate composition (%) was as follows: moisture (7.2), ash (2.8), crude fat (49.1), crude protein (36.3), crude fibre (3.2) and carbohydrate (by difference) (1.4). The mineral composition (mg/100g) of cashew nut showed potassium (27.5 ± 0.4) to be the highest… 

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