Chemical, toxicological, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial evaluation of Ganoderma lucidum extracts

  • Nilsa Sumie Yamashita Wadt, Marise K. H. Okamoto, Edgar Matias Bach Hi, Erna Elisabeth Bach
  • Published 2015


R E G U L A R A R T I C L E *Corresponding author: Nilsa Sumie Yamashita Wadt, Department of Healthy, UNINOVE, São Paulo,Brazil. R. Dr. Adolfo Pinto, 109, Barra Funda, CEP 01156-050, São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Email: Received: 30 June 2014; Revised: 12 April 2015; Accepted: 29 May 2015; Published Online: 29 May 2015 Wadt, et al.: Properties… (More)


11 Figures and Tables

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