Chemerin connects fat to arterial contraction.

  title={Chemerin connects fat to arterial contraction.},
  author={Stephanie W Watts and Anne M Dorrance and Mark E.T. Penfold and Jillian L Rourke and Christopher J. Sinal and Bridget M. Seitz and Timothy J. Sullivan and Trevor T. Charvat and Janice M. Thompson and Robert R Burnett and Gregory D. Fink},
  journal={Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology},
  volume={33 6},
OBJECTIVE Obesity and hypertension are comorbid in epidemic proportion, yet their biological connection is largely a mystery. The peptide chemerin is a candidate for connecting fat deposits around the blood vessel (perivascular adipose tissue) to arterial contraction. We presently tested the hypothesis that chemerin is expressed in perivascular adipose tissue and is vasoactive, supporting the existence of a chemerin axis in the vasculature. APPROACH AND RESULTS Real-time polymerase chain… CONTINUE READING