Checklist of the freshwater fishes of Colombia: a Darwin Core alternative to the updating problem

  title={Checklist of the freshwater fishes of Colombia: a Darwin Core alternative to the updating problem},
  author={Carlos Donascimiento and Edgar Esteban Herrera-Collazos and Guido A. Herrera‐R and Armando Ortega-Lara and Francisco Villa-Navarro and Jos{\'e} Saulo Usma Oviedo and J A Maldonado-Ocampo},
  pages={25 - 138}
Abstract The present work is part of a process to create a Catalogue of the Freshwater Fishes of Colombia and consisted in the depuration and updating of the taxonomic and geographic components of the checklist of the freshwater fishes of Colombia. An exhaustive revision of the 1435 species recorded in 2008 was necessary to: 1. Add new species described since 2009 and species originally described from Colombia but inadvertently omitted in 2008; 2. Add new records of already described species; 3… 

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