Checklist of the Argentine Agaricales 5. Agaricaceae

  title={Checklist of the Argentine Agaricales 5. Agaricaceae},
  author={Nicol{\'a}s Niveiro and Edgardo Albert{\'o}},
A checklist of species belonging to the family Agaricaceae (Agaricomycetes) in Argentina is provided. The list includes all species published up to 2011. Of the 13 genera and 171 species represented, Agaricus and Lepiota have the greatest number of species names recorded (85 and 37 respectively) followed by Leucoagaricus (13 species), Leucocoprinus (8) Cystolepiota (7), Macrolepiota (7), and Cystoderma (4). The remaining genera — Cystoagaricus, Micropsalliota, Chlorophyllum, Cystodermella… 

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Nueva flora micológica Argentina . Stuttgart . Mycosur . Ramarodi EA . 1985 . Flora micológica de Bahía Blanca
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