Checklist of botanical collections from San Damián district (Huarochirí province, Lima department, Peru)

  title={Checklist of botanical collections from San Dami{\'a}n district (Huarochir{\'i} province, Lima department, Peru)},
  author={E. Molinari-Novoa and Carlos S{\'a}nchez Ocharan and Tatiana Giannina Anaya Araujo and Luis Fernando Mayta Anco and Jessica Natalia Carpio Lau and Miguel Enrique Mendoza Tincopa},
A list with the names of miscellaneous botanical collections made by the authors in San Damian district (Huarochiri province, Lima department), in Central Peru, is provided. Most reported species are rosids, and will be thoroughly treated later. We report more than fifty records for the general flora of the place, including asterids, rosids, grasses and lichens. The present work is a support document for the License thesis of the first author, where further explanations and insights are to be… Expand